The Unconditional Luxembourger Tour Guide

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I made my first solo trip to the country of Luxembourg. Before I started the trip, I had to muster a lot of courage. Even during my journey, I went through a lot of mixed emotions. I was excited but at the same time nervous. However, little did I know that I would exit Luxembourg with sweet memories.

I reached Luxembourg City and headed straight to the tourist information office to collect the city map. I did not want to use the internet and hence I reached out to the people on streets for all my queries. That there would be a severe dearth of English speakers is something I did not anticipate. After a few minutes of wandering around, I asked a young girl to help me get to a place. After encountering many French speakers, I managed to get hold of someone who spoke English. This is how the conversation unfolded.

Me: Excuse me! Could you please help me get to this Church?

She: Oh, sure! Are you new to Luxembourg?

Me: Yes, but I just came for a solo trip. This is my first solo trip.

She: Cool. I can help you. But guess what? My friend is coming as well. He wanted to visit this city and I am going to take him out. You can join us if you want.

Honestly, I blanked out for a while. I come from a country where you are wary of strangers and this was way too much niceness for me to take. However, I decided to take the offer.

Me: Yes, that would be great. I hope that is not a problem for you.

She: No, not at all. It will be my pleasure to show you around my city.

After a few minutes, her friend joined as well. He spoke only French and the girl who offered to help me out ended up being the translator. I spent a lot of time with the two of them that day. We spoke about so many things despite cultural and language barriers. The girl patiently took me to places I wanted to visit, told me stories and took pictures of me. In short, she was unconditionally my Luxembourger tour guide. Unfortunately, this incident took place long time back. I do not remember their names and completely forgot to add them on social media. However, I left Luxembourg with sweet memories and the picture below. I got lot of confidence to do more solo trips later. It also made me realize that strangers can be angels too. I hope if they ever read this, they get back to me.

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