Things to do in Saint Petersburg, Russia

There is actually a whole lot of things to do in Saint Petersburg, Russia. However, with limited time, I managed to do only some of them which I am listing below.

Visit the State Hermitage Museum

Easily one of the biggest and grandest museums I have been to in my life. Given how grand this museum is and so much to see, I feel my 700 Rubles was completely put to good use. If you are a student, your entry should be free. Headover to the website to see the timings and various levels of prices. I was lucky to have my friend and another localite here to listen to some stories else you may very well be lost in this place.

State Hermitage Museum

Visit the St. Isaac’s Cathedral

If you are a fan of churches, then this is another place to visit. It is at walkable distance from the State Hermitage Museum. I was walking around this area and by the time I reached here, I was exhausted to stand in the queue to enter the church. So, I skipped it. However, it is a popular place to visit.

St. Isaac's Cathedral

Visit the Church of the Savior on Blood

I was eager to visit Saint Petersburg after stumbling across a picture of this church. I went just before the FIFA World Cup and hence some parts and famous places in the city was undergoing renovations. However, it is a really beautiful church and worth a visit for a nominal entrance fee.

Church of the Savior on Blood

Visit the Kazan Cathedral

This is another church in the proximity to the city center. The image below is from Wikipedia as I could not manage to take one covering it completely with my mobile phone.

Kazan Cathedral

Visit the Museum of the Defense and Siege of Leningrad

I have always been fascinated by politics and the history pertaining to world war. If you are like me, this museum is a good addition to the list of places you may want to visit to gain some knowledge about the siege of Leningrad.

Museum of the Defense and Siege of Leningrad

Visit the Museum of Political History of Russia

Another gem of a museum if you love to see things related to politics. This museum makes a beautiful transition right from the USSR period, the collapse of it and finally Russia welcoming Vladimir Putin. This museum has many things written very well and you can be lost reading stuff at your own pace if you wish to not get a guide. However, it is always nice to have a localite’s perspective at times in matters related to such topics.

Museum of Political History of Russia

Watch a play at Mariinsky Theatre

Here is another thing to do when in Saint Petersburg; catch a play at Mariinsky Theatre. It was my first experience watching a play and I had a lovely time witnessing something like never before. It is not compulsory to be dressed elegantly but you also do not want to look like the odd one. So, get your formal clothes when you come here. Ticket prices can vary and mine costed somewhere close to 1000 Rubles if I remember correctly.

Mariinsky Theatre

Have the Russian dumplings - Pelmeni

I am a huge fan of dumplings. I never miss out on dumplings if the country has its own local version to offer and a restaurant named Pelmeneya in Saint Petersburg did as well. Not only Russian, but you also get to try other dumplings from different countries in this place. Vegetarian options exists and the prices are quite reasonable for a good meal.


Try Georgian Cuisine

Not quite sure about the significance here but Georgian cuisine seemed to be quite popular. In fact, it was my first meal after landing in Russia in a restaurant called Rustaveli. I have tried Georgian cuisine back in Germany and I must admit, it is less popular yet underrated cuisine. If you have not tried it yet, please do.

Georgian Cuisine

Dine at a Soviet Style Stolovaya

Stolovaya translates to canteen / dining room. It is said to be Soviet styled dining places which offer a range of options for affordable prices. You get everything from non-vegetarian to vegetarian food, desserts, drinks and what not. Guess how much this whole thing below costed me? Somewhere around 250 Rubles or so (3-4 USD may be) for a really filling meal. Besides dumplings, another thing I love is rice based dishes. So, I got some Russian Plov for myself.



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