Guinness Factory Tour Dublin

If you ever had beer in your life, chances are high that you have heard of Guinness and/or tried it as well. Whether you are a fan of Guinness or not is another matter but the Guinness factory tour is well worth it when in Dublin. It is a fascinating place for beer lovers or knowledge seekers to know how they manage to do this, the astonishing numbers behing the gallons produced, tons of barley taken into account and what not.

My friend and I booked our tickets for the normal self-guided tour from the official platform for €18.5 each. You can also book it via GetYourGuide.

Guinness Storehouse Levels

The Guinness storehouse has different levels starting from the ground floor. At each level, you will be seeing different things and gaining knowledge about how it is all made, right from history to modern day functioning including their advertising campaigns and so on. On the course of your way up, you will also encounter quite picturesque locations.


That’s a lot of barley isn’t it?

Roasting Temperature at Guinness

232 degrees Celsius, hmm, very specific!

However, of all the levels my favorite one was the one where you get to learn how to pour your perfect pint. Remember, the staff there said that you can either go for a drink at the Gravity Bar or choose to pour your perfect pint. We went up the Gravity Bar first but found it to be kind of cramped and disappointing. So, we went back to the Guinness Academy if I remember correctly to queue up and learn to pour our perfect pint. We had to wait in the queue for about 15 minutes. There were folks who also managed to learn how to pour the pint here and then take their beer glass to the Gravity Bar.

Here’s a picture of my perfect pint. Do not forget to get your certificated printed.

Guinness Perfect Pint

Head over to the souvenir section at the ground floor to pick something up for your loved ones. They are not so expensive in my opionion given that they are being sold at the official place. I got some beer coasters and a bottle opener for my family and friends.


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