Today I Learned

Inspired by the subreddit Today I Learned, I made it a point to learn something every day and share it with the readers of my blog.

To keep the list short, only posts from the last three months will be visible on this page.

April 2021

15.04.2021: The boy who saved 3000 children from slavery
14.04.2021: The Waterfalls That Are Believed to Have Healing Powers
13.04.2021: Digital Yuan from China
12.04.2021: The white passport from India
11.04.2021: Man who was jailed for building reservoir on his private land
10.04.2021: The size of Tuna fish
09.04.2021: The Darien Gap
08.04.2021: Evaldas Rimasauska duping Facebook and Google
07.04.2021: Buffet dining in ancient India
06.04.2021: Sheikh Hasina: The longest serving Prime Minister of Bangladesh
05.04.2021: Penguin Diagram
04.04.2021: Roads in the Middle East
03.04.2021: Pilots landing at night
02.04.2021: Pythagorean cup to prevent overfilling
01.04.2021: SE200 Aircraft

March 2021

31.03.2021: Operation Paperclip
30.03.2021: Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1800s
29.03.2021: Consumer Price Index
28.03.2021: How the water locks of Panama Canal work
27.03.2021: Nicholas Mevoli: The man who died attempting a diving record
26.03.2021: Suez Canal Obstruction
25.03.2021: The Elephant’s Foot at Chernobyl
24.03.2021: Chapwood Inflation Index
23.03.2021: The Lost Decade of Japan
22.03.2021: India’s export revenues
21.03.2021: Phrenology
20.03.2021: Senet: The world’s oldest board game
19.03.2021: Fibonacci retracement
18.03.2021: New monetisation plan of Wikipedia
17.03.2021: Tandy TRS-100
16.03.2021: The murder of Skylar Neese
15.03.2021: The dancing plague
14.03.2021: Running out of sand
13.03.2021: Operation Gunnerside: The raid on Nazi nuclear weapons plans
12.03.2021: Ethan Sonneborn: The boy who ran for the office before the age of 18
11.03.2021: Hitler’s vision for the city of Linz
10.03.2021: Why does everybody lend money to the US government
09.03.2021: The Blue Economy
08.03.2021: Crypto Art
07.03.2021: The secrets at the bottom of the Baikal Lake
06.03.2021: Understanding Starlink
05.03.2021: The door to prevent gluttonous monks
04.03.2021: Los Angeles runway disaster
03.03.2021: Age of consent in Japan
02.03.2021: Collision of a submarine and a whale
01.03.2021: North Korea to Russia by rail trolleys

February 2021

28.02.2021: Solar heated tents for the Indian army
27.02.2021: Etymology of Pakistan
26.02.2021: Kardashev Scale
25.02.2021: Photographing Concorde Aircraft
24.02.2021: Japanese Artist Hirotaka Hamasaki
23.02.2021: Dusting Attack
22.02.2021: Citibank’s $500m mistransfer
21.02.2021: The obligation to say “check” or “checkmate”
20.02.2021: Bitcoin Energy Consumption
19.02.2021: Hyperinflation in Brazil
18.02.2021: Tulip mania
17.02.2021: Operation Vegetarian
16.02.2021: The disabled assassin who nearly killed Hitler
15.02.2021: The Green Boots on Mt. Everest
14.02.2021: Diana Nyad - The first person to swim from Cuba to Florida
13.02.2021: The Balangiga genocide
12.02.2021: World’s largest stock markets
11.02.2021: Asian Steppe Cat
10.02.2021: How a man’s unborn twin fathered his child
09.02.2021: Cutting lift cables of the Eiffel tower
08.02.2021: Changpeng Zhao - The owner of the world’s largest Cryptoexchange by volume
07.02.2021: How AirBNB survived COVID-19
06.02.2021: The history behind WD-40
05.02.2021: The man who transformed a desert into a forest
04.02.2021: Death of Savita Halappanavar and Irish abortion laws
03.02.2021: Pakistan International Airlines Flight 404
02.02.2021: The Baden Württemberg Class frigate
01.02.2021: The underground cathedral protecting Tokyo from floods

January 2021

31.01.2021: The collision of a Soviet submarine and a US aircraft carrier
30.01.2021: The unsent angry letters of Abraham Lincoln
29.01.2021: The Crystal Palace
28.01.2021: The GameStop incident
27.01.2021: Life of Indian soldiers at Siachen Glacier
26.01.2021: The Super App Dream
25.01.2021: The man who bought Stonehenge for his wife
24.01.2021: Borderline Personality Disorder
23.01.2021: Lake Pontchartrain
22.01.2021: The Taper Tantrum Episode
21.01.2021: Proprioception
20.01.2021: Spoofing inside Deutsche Bank
19.01.2021: Viral Coffin Dancers
18.01.2021: Coconut water to vegan leather
17.01.2021: Guoliang Tunnel
16.01.2021: Miniature crocodiles in Gabon
15.01.2021: The Death Road in Bolivia
14.01.2021: Nilote population of South Sudan
13.01.2021: The man who reduced his electricity bills by 96%
12.01.2021: Zero waste juice shop in Bengaluru, India
11.01.2021: Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival
10.01.2021: German-Soviet Axis Talks
09.01.2021: Wimbledon tennis balls repurposed as predator proof homes
08.01.2021: Tax returns are public in Norway
07.01.2021: Artificial heart
06.01.2021: The Campaign for North Africa
05.01.2021: “So That” Test
04.01.2021: Fermi Paradox
03.01.2021: Aeroflot Flight 6502
02.01.2021: The World’s Youngest Mother Who Gave Birth at the Age of 5
01.01.2021: Olfactory Hallucination