Today I Learned

Inspired by the subreddit Today I Learned, I made it a point to learn something every day and share it with the readers of my blog. Treat yourself to more knowledge at Kancha Lonka, a blog run by my friend, Sukanya.

To keep the list short, only posts from the current and previous quarter will be visible on this page.

18.01.2020: Coconut water to vegan leather
17.01.2020: Guoliang Tunnel
16.01.2020: Miniature crocodiles in Gabon
15.01.2020: The Death Road in Bolivia
14.01.2020: Nilote population of South Sudan
13.01.2020: The man who reduced his electricity bills by 96%
12.01.2020: Zero waste juice shop in Bengaluru, India
11.01.2020: Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival
10.01.2020: German-Soviet Axis Talks
09.01.2020: Wimbledon tennis balls repurposed as predator proof homes
08.01.2020: Tax returns are public in Norway
07.01.2020: Artificial heart
06.01.2020: The Campaign for North Africa
05.01.2020: “So That” Test
04.01.2020: Fermi Paradox
03.01.2020: Aeroflot Flight 6502
02.01.2020: The World’s Youngest Mother Who Gave Birth at the Age of 5
01.01.2021: Olfactory Hallucination
31.12.2020: MSC Oscar: World’s largest container ship
30.12.2020: Dr. Antonio Egas Moniz
29.12.2020: 16-YO Chennai Lad Wins 4 Silvers at Culinary Olympics
28.12.2020: Raising airplace window shades
27.12.2020: Ed-tech companies of the world
26.12.2020: Milk producing nations
25.12.2020: Poisoning Hitler’s food
24.12.2020: Jet injector for mass vaccinations
23.12.2020: Sergei Krikalev and the collapse of the Soviet Union
22.12.2020: Microchip injection in pets
21.12.2020: Silence in airplane cabins
20.12.2020: Natural teabags
19.12.2020: Operating food trucks in India
18.12.2020: Plantable Wedding Invites
17.12.2020: Breakdown of cost of petrol in India
16.12.2020: 5-star chef cooks for dogs
15.12.2020: Ranjitsinh Disale - The winner of Global Teacher Prize 2020
14.12.2020: Man who turned waste coconuts into art
13.12.2020: 5-star chef loses job, earns by selling Biryani
12.12.2020: Figs and wasps
11.12.2020: The ethics of self-driving cars
10.12.2020: Gaokao - The Chinese National College Entrance Exam
09.12.2020: The Islands Where Guns are Required
08.12.2020: Zalando CEO quits so his wife can pursue her career
07.12.2020: Restless Legs Syndrome
06.12.2020: Treating wounds with rotten bread in ancient Egypt
05.12.2020: The execution of mentally disabled Joe Arridy
04.12.2020: Usage of blood from donors in Sweden
03.12.2020: The Gaisal Train Tragedy
02.12.2020: Casu Marzu - Sardinian cheese
01.12.2020: Privilege Tax Idea from Deutsche Bank
30.11.2020: The assissination of Salman Taseer
29.11.2020: Manjul Bhargava - 2014 Field’s Medalist
28.11.2020: Field’s Disease
27.11.2020: Transporting dead bodies in Congo
26.11.2020: Leila Seth - The first woman chief justice of a state high court
25.11.2020: Kwashiorkor - A severe form of protein malnutrition
24.11.2020: The IQ of top Nazi leaders
23.11.2020: Why Russia sold Alaska
22.11.2020: The hardest working mother on the planet
21.11.2020: Bodyline bowling scandal
20.11.2020: Polar Owl Prison
19.11.2020: History’s first vaccine
18.11.2020: Tupolevism
17.11.2020: Yllka Domi
16.11.2020: Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
15.11.2020: Boanthropy
14.11.2020: Orcas terrifying sharks
13.11.2020: LOT Polish Airlines Flight 16
12.11.2020: Airbus Helicopters
11.11.2020: Belly Landing
10.11.2020: Hand of Hope
09.11.2020: How astronauts vote while in space
08.11.2020: Free shooting lessons for Swiss kids
07.11.2020: How landmines work
06.11.2020: The theory of Hitler being alive in 1954
05.11.2020: The invention of flush toilet
04.11.2020: The cat who co-authored a paper
03.11.2020: Sharpening knives
02.11.2020: Philippe Petit - The high-wire artist
01.11.2020: Jinnah’s Tuberculosis
31.10.2020: Foot binding in Imperial China
30.10.2020: Snake Island
29.10.2020: Alligator Gar
28.10.2020: Lake of Wine
27.10.2020: Krav Maga - Israel’s self-defence martial arts
26.10.2020: Palak Muchhal
25.10.2020: Armine Harutyunyan
24.10.2020: Hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 181
23.10.2020: Omayra Sánchez
22.10.2020: Embassy of Finland in New Delhi
21.10.2020: Sovereign Immunity
20.10.2020: Wolf Eel
19.10.2020: When PayPal accidentally credited someone with $92 quadrillion
18.10.2020: Gandhi’s letter to Hitler
17.10.2020: Poincare’s experiment with loaves of bread
16.10.2020: Potato Paradox
15.10.2020: Concubines in Imperial China
14.10.2020: Reverse Latte Factor
13.10.2020: Daniella Alvarez - The Colombian model with amputated leg
12.10.2020: Defusing a WWII bomb underwater
11.10.2020: Tourism in Saudi Arabia
10.10.2020: Origin of cancer
09.10.2020: Arabian Sand Boa
08.10.2020: The story of Instagram
07.10.2020: Baker’s Ratio
06.10.2020: Timur’s Invasion on India
05.10.2020: Felix Kersten
04.10.2020: Katerine Knight: The woman who fed her husband to her children
03.10.2020: Salary of astonaughts working at the ISS
02.10.2020: Pepsi’s tactic in Quebec
01.10.2020: The Free Money Experiment