Today I Learned

Inspired by the subreddit Today I Learned, I made it a point to learn something every day and share it with the readers of my blog. Treat yourself to more knowledge at Kancha Lonka, a blog run by my friend, Sukanya.

To keep the list short, only posts from current and previous month will be visible on this page.

29.05.2020: Kode with Klossy
28.05.2020: Admiral Wilhelm Franz Canaris - The Man Who Was Hanged Twice
27.05.2020: The Noid commercial for Domino’s Pizza
26.05.2020: Simo Häyhä - The Finnish Sniper
25.05.2020: Binaural Beats
24.05.2020: The Turkish language that is whistled
23.05.2020: How pencils are made
22.05.2020: The world’s deadliest mid-air collision between Saudi Arabian Airlines and Kazakhstan Airlines
21.05.2020: Measles erases the memory of your immune system
20.05.2020: Man With Iron Rod Jammed Through His Head
19.05.2020: The man who survived 438 days in the Pacific ocean
18.05.2020: The Nigerean town with highest birth rate for twins
17.05.2020: George F. Smith - The first man to survive ejection from an aircraft in supersonic flight
16.05.2020: Plasma therapy for COVID-19
15.05.2020: A Socialist Video Game That Lets You Control a Revolution
14.05.2020: Why does running give you a high?
13.05.2020: Peggy Whitson
12.05.2020: Inside a sea turtle’s mouth
11.05.2020: Straw Man Fallacy
10.05.2020: Dutch Water Line - Holland’s water-based defences
09.05.2020: Angus Barbieri’s fast of 382 days
08.05.2020: Processor binning
07.05.2020: Markhor
06.05.2020: Missing Woman Found Alive in Wrecked Car After 8 Days
05.05.2020: Natural beehives
04.05.2020: United States Navy SEAL selection and training
03.05.2020: World’s poorest ex-president Mujica turns down pension
02.05.2020: Cotton ball diet
01.05.2020: Mustard Gas
30.04.2020: White Torture
29.04.2020: Abandoned USSR shuttles in Kazakhstan
28.04.2020: The Hope Experiment
27.04.2020: Roger Bannister - The first athelete to run a mile in under four minutes
26.04.2020: Noor Inayat Khan - The Indian Spy Princess Who Died Fighting the Nazis
25.04.2020: The Soviet Anti-Tank Dog - How the Soviets used man’s best friend to combat the Wehrmacht
24.04.2020: Kamikaze - The Japanese suicide tactic
23.04.2020: The controversial tweet on AIDS
22.04.2020: An FBI Analyst’s 6 Steps for Predicting People’s Behavior
21.04.2020: Special Soviet Coca Cola
20.04.2020: Eesti Ekspress
19.04.2020: Smart toilet that can identify butthole and analyze poop for diseases
18.04.2020: Phoenix Jones - The Americal real life superhero
17.04.2020: Glasnost
16.04.2020: Cow Tippers
15.04.2020: Cost of fuel for an aircraft
14.04.2020: Zimbabwe’s Currency Crisis
13.04.2020: The Secret Infrastructure Beneath NYC
12.04.2020: Cyanosis
11.04.2020: Boeing’s Everett Factory
10.04.2020: Kola Superdeep Borehole - The deepest manmade hole on Earth
09.04.2020: MDZhB - The ghostly radio station
08.04.2020: Jean-Bédel Bokassa - The dictator accused of cannibalism and feeding his opponents to animals
07.04.2020: The Logistics of the International Space Station
06.04.2020: The Uncensored Library
05.04.2020: Immortal Jellyfish
04.04.2020: Dmitry Argarkov - The man who sued bank for not sticking to his terms
03.04.2020: Black Death - The most devastating pandemic recorded in human histor
02.04.2020: Pangolins: The Most Trafficked Mammal
01.04.2020: Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia - The man who cycled from India to Sweden to meet his love