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Chinese Chili Oil Recipe

There are two kinds of people I have come across when it comes to adding extra oil to their food: the olive oil people and the chinese chilli oil people. I fall under the latter category. I love to add this to my soup, noodles, rice, pizza, or any other crazy things you can imagine. Having been using the one from my Chinese friend always, one fine day, I decided to make some for myself. Below you will find the lovely Chinese chili oil recipe.

Chinese Chili Oil
Prep Time Cooking Time Total Time
1 min 2 min 3 min


  1. 1 tbsp crushed red Sichuan peppercorns
  2. 6 tbsp crushed red Sichuan chili flakes
  3. A block of ginger
  4. 300ml sunflower oil
  5. One star anise
  6. One bayleaf
  7. 1 tbsp sesame oil
  8. 1 tbsp white sesame seeds


  1. Take an empty jar, add the dry ingredients to it, and add the sesame oil.
  2. Parallely, take another sauce pan and heat the sunflower oil with ginger until it turns golden brown.
  3. Remove the ginger and transfer the oil to the glass jar. Let it cool for a while.

Although in Chinese resturants it is kept in room temperature, I keep mine inside the refrigerator. Usually, it lasts for a few months given I eat Chinese food about once or twice a week.


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